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"Little Orphan Annie"

(This was the theme to the Little Orphan Annie Radio Show, from 1931 to 1940. Sung by Felix and guest star David Steinberg.)

Who's that little chatter box?
The one with pretty auburn locks?
Whom do you see?
It's Little Orphan Annie!

She and Sandy make a pair
They never seem to have a care!
Cute little she,
It's Little Orphan Annie

Bright eyes, cheeks a rosy glow,
There's a store of healthiness handy.
Mite-size, always on the go,
If you want to know--"Arf," it's Sandy!

Always wears a sunny smile,
Now, wouldn't it be worth the while,
If you could be
Like Little Orphan Annie?

033 "The Odd Couple Meet their Host"