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This archive includes all the posts, podcasts and videos from, which is no longer online. I do not have the pictures, but have included the text that was used to link to them, to make this archive as accurate as possible. As with all blogs, it is in reverse-chronological order, which means the first posts are at the bottom.

December 1, 2005

Lee J. Cobb The man was my idol and one of the best actors this country has ever produced. I saw him 5 times in Death of Salesman and to this day it remains the finest performance I''ve ever seen on stage. Many years later, he and I worked together on a revival of Clifford Odets'' "Golden Boy". The first day I was scared to death. Thank God Lee also turned out to be kind.Listen to the Podcast

Charles Bronson When I first moved to New York, Charles Bronson and were poor together in the smallest, coldest one room flat in the city. Listen to the Podcast

November 15, 2005

Jackie Gleason Jackie Gleason was a generous, multi-talented guy, a great actor and a good friend. He had one of the biggest personalities I''ve ever known...and an ego to match! Here''s one of my favorite, true stories about Jackie that says it all.Listen to the Podcast

November 14, 2005

Judy Garland One of the great joys of my career was working with Judy Garland on her last movie "I Could Go on Singing". Afterwards, she and I became close friends and I must''ve heard her tell this story a hundred times and get HUGE laughs every time. I''ve kinda butchered it here but I still think its funny. I hope you enjoy!Listen to the Podcast

November 4, 2005

A Preview of the Odd Couple Bloopers Here''s a preivew of some of the clips from the DVD included with my new book Tony and Me.Watch the Video Podcast

October 31, 2005

Twelve Angry Men What I liked most about working on "Twelve Angry Men".Listen to the Podcast

Frank Sinatra This is a great story that Frank told me on the set of "The Detective". Circa, 1968. Classic.Listen to the Podcast

October 28, 2005

Phoenix Whoa. What an unbelielvable event. Two hundred and fifty people came by to see Jack and just as many books were sold! I was lucky enough to be there this time and got a photo. Two days before in Denver...View imagejust as many people showed up. And two weeks before that in Minneapoilis and Cleveland. A week before that in Rock Center, then over four hundred people in Long Island at Books Revue. It just keeps blowing us away!There''s no way for me to describe the feeling at these events without sounding self-congratulatory. Anybody else want to try? Since this is your entry, how about you Phoenix?

October 22, 2005

Interview with Jack Klugman Here''s a short clip about the inspiration behind my new book, Tony and Me.Watch the Video Podcast

October 21, 2005

Raining at Rock Center Thanks for the loyalty! Click here to see photo

New York''s Finest Jack signs a baseball for NYPD at Shea Stadium. Click here to see photo

A Moment of Empathy When I was with my father in New York an extraordinary thing happened. On the day of the book signing at Barnes and Noble/Rock Center...(see photo on next page)I was waved aside by a man who handed me a note. His name was Nick and he explained in writing that very recently (less than two weeks before) he had undergone throat cancer surgery where the doctors had taken out his entire larynx (for those who don''t know, Jack also had throat cancer surgery and at one point was facing the same possibility. As it turned Jack narrowly escaped this fate and only lost half of larynx, which is why he can still speak--and act!).Needless to say, I instantly understood why Nick was there. It became even more clear when Nick explained (again, in writing) that he had been, up until his surgery, also an actor. I asked Nick to come back in an hour.An hour later, Nick came back. My father was surrounded by people but I was finally able to pull him aside. On the way over to meet Nick, Jack was a little annoyed by my adamance but I told him Nick''s story anyway. When I got to the part where Nick had undergone a TOTAL laryngectomy, my father suddenly stopped walking. Nick was four or five feet away. My father''s demeanor completely changed, as if he were seeing a ghost. He approached Nick very gently, almost cautiously. As he shook Nick''s hand I could see that there was something instantly deep and tacit between them. Jack then took Nick''s book and signed it: "To My Brother..." When Nick saw that, he started to cry. My father noticed Nick''s tears and instinctively reached out in a manner that I imagine only cancer survivors can fully appreciate.The photo attached captures this moment. I hope Nick doesn''t mind that I''ve posted it.God Bless.

October 18, 2005

Jack at Rock Center My father made this face to play down my expectations (see attached photo). He wasn''t sure if people would show up. I tried to tell him that people would show, but he didn''t want to jinx it. As it turned out...Click here to see photoalmost three hundred people showed and we sold out of books--nearly 250 copies! But the most amazing part was that people waited in the rain for over an hour to meet him! I told him he was the luckiest guy in the world to have fans like that. He agreed. In all honesty, I could tell that he was genuinely moved by all of the affection and loyalty. Thanks to everyone who showed up that day. It got my old man''s tour off to a great start!

Improvising with Tony Randall Why Tony was the best acting partner I ever had.Listen to the Podcast

Book Signings! I've been so busy keeping my father busy that I haven''t been able to post anything to the blog, but I want to start building Tony and Me as a definitive fan site. PLEASE let us (and other fans) know what it''s like to go to one of Jack''s booksignings so we can keep building grass roots support for the book. I will be posting pictures and some videos this week so stay tuned! Also...please let me know what YOU would like the site to be. How do you want to use it? We like to think of this as your website, not ours.Thanks for all the support!

October 5, 2005

Parts I Never Played My kids were right. I never thought this would work, and it''s still a mystery to me how it works. But I have to say thank you to all my fans who have taken the time to post messages. I wish I had the chance to answer each and every one of you, but time is just too short.As for parts never played...It''s a great question, and I think every actor has some regrets. Over the years I have had disagreements with directors that probably cost me parts I didn''t even know I was losing. But specifically, as I say in the book, I was really looking forward to playing the role that my idol, Lee J. Cobb, originated in the film Twelve Angry Men, when I was diagnosed with cancer. Other than that, I guess I''m just lucky because I feel no remorse about parts I didn''t get a chance to play. I am just grateful I was able to get paid doing something I loved. In fact, when I first started acting it was a passion I was sure I would need to support with other jobs. I never thought there was real money in it. I am glad, and grateful that it turned out I was wrong about that.

September 25, 2005

What the Hell is a Blog? I'm not sure where I am sending this but my sons tell me its a great way to talk to my fans. I like that. I feel so grateful for all of the love and support people have given me over the years that any way I can show my appreciation is okay by me.So I''m gonna start with the basics...Any questions?

September 16, 2005

Jack Klugman on Garry Marshall Jack talks about Garry Marshall.Listen to the Podcast