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Visitor Mail - The Apartment Switch

Ed writes:

I recently introduced my 10 & 14 yr olds to the show and they love it. My question: Why were 2 different apartment sets used on the TV show? When did they switch?

The reason for the switch was a change in filming styles. In the first season, the show was kept very much like the movie, with a set that even resembled the movie one. It was filmed with one camera, so that they would stop in between takes to change camera angles, etc.

For the second season, for whatever reason, it was decided to film with a studio audience instead of a laugh track. This required a different set, one that was more "open" to allow an audience to see everything, and also allow for more cameras so that they wouldn't have to stop so much between takes. Also, it may have been decided that the show should go off in its own direction instead of sticking closely to the movie, as shown by the removal of the Pigeon Sisters (and fewer appearances by the poker buddies) who had been in the movie.

No mention of the change was made on the show, however. Even flashbacks from earlier years took place in the "new" set, so I guess we are supposed to believe they always lived in the same apartment, the same way we are supposed to believe that Dick York and Dick Sargent are the same person. ;)