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Finding an Edna Quote

Reader Scott writes:

In an episode of the Odd Couple, Edna Unger said to her father Felix words to the effect of: “If you didn’t bug me I wouldn’t know that you love me.”

I know that is not the exact quote. I’ve searched and haven’t been able to find it – I wrote it down 30+ years ago when I was watching that episode with my dad and it has been hanging in there kitchen ever since. At least five years ago it was so faded you can no longer read it, and I would love to be able to write it again so it hangs for another 30 years.

I didn't recognize the quote from memory, but I figured it was from a later Edna episode, when she was played by Doney Oatman. This version of the character had a bit more trouble relating to her father, whereas the younger Edna, played by Pamelyn Ferdin, seemed more similar to him. I found it in episode 59, "The Odd Father." Edna actually says two similar lines near the end of the episode (time stamps reflect was was on my DVD player):

"I'd rather have a father who bugs me than a father who didn't care about me."

"I guess if you didn't bug me, I wouldn't love you."

And it turns out the full episode is also available on YouTube, although the time stamps are slightly different. Hopefully the quote will last on Scott's fridge for many years to come. ;)