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Take My Furniture...Again

In "Take My Furniture, Please," (69) Oscar and Felix change their furniture not once, but three times. After painting the apartment in "Flaming Peach," Felix decides it needs new furniture to go with the new color. Oscar hates what Felix buys, so he gets rid of it and buys new furniture himself. In the end, the guys compromise by getting yet more furniture - things that they both like. Yet, in the next episode, "The Murray Who Came to Dinner," (70), not only is the old furniture back, but the apartment has reverted back to its previous paint color. This was the last episode of the third season, and by the start of the fourth season ("Gloria Moves In," 71), the furniture has changed yet again, although the paint color is still Flaming Peach. It's possible that "Take My Furniture Please," was originally intended as the last episode of the season and somehow got switched with "The Murray Who Came to Dinner." But it still doesn't explain why the furniture changed yet again for season 4.

069 "Take My Furniture, Please"
070 "The Murray who came to Dinner"
071 "Gloria Moves In"