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Jack Klugman 1922 - 2012

As you may have already heard, Jack Klugman passed away on December 24th at age 90. While learning of someone's passing is always sad, at least we know that he lived a long life with a successful career that continued into his later years - his last credited onscreen role was in 2010.

I was fortunate enough to have spoken to Mr. Klugman in the phone on 2006 when his publicist arranged an interview for his book Tony and Me. My dad was so impressed that he wrote down the phone number after seeing it on the monthly bill (I lived with my parents at the time) and he would proudly tell people that he had Jack Klugman's phone number on his rolodex - not that any of us ever used it after that interview. You can read a transcript of this interview on the Interviews page.

Here are just some of the articles/tributes that have been posted. I will be working on a tribute page for this site, similar to the one I have for Tony Randall. And seeing now it's been almost a year since I've updated this website, I apologize that it took an event like this to get me working on it again. In addition to the Jack Klugman tribute page, I hope to make a few other updates too.

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