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Visitor Mail - The Maypole Dance

Dennis asks:

Can you tell me anything about the openning credits where Felix (I think) starts dancing around a Maypole in a park somewhere?

I found the answer to this on the blog Inside the Apple: A Streetwise History of New York City, written by a couple who have a business providing tours of New York City neighborhoods. As their article explains:

Perhaps the best part of the original credits shows Felix and Oscar learning to dance at a maypole celebration on Sheep Meadow in Central Park. In the background the Century (25 Central Park West) and the old Gulf and Western building (now Trump International Hotel) loom over them.

Maypole celebrations in Central Park go back at least as far as 1909, and by 1914, the New York Times was reporting that 7,000 girls from sixty-eight public schools had come to the park to erect maypoles and dance. Indeed, maypole celebrations still take place each year in Central Park, though we're guessing nowhere near as many people show up.