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The Apartment

The layout of Oscar and Felix's apartment is different in the first season than in the later seasons. This is, of course, because after the first season, a different set was used because the show started being filmed in front of a live studio audience. No explanation is ever given for the change. So apparently, according to the show, it''s still the same apartment. In fact, the "new" apartment set is used in all subsequent flashback episodes, some of which take place before Oscar was first married. The apartment is also slightly different in the episode "You Saved My Life" (41). In this episode, the two windows that are facing the direction of the audience were replaced by one large window in the middle, because a window figured prominently in the story. In the 1993 reunion TV-movie "The Odd Couple: Together Again" the set once again has the layout from the first season.

041 "You Saved My Life"
999 "The Odd Couple: Together Again"