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Who Got Divorced First

According to the play/movie, Oscar was the first of the two to get divorced (the script says he had been divorced for 6 months). While Oscar, Murray, Vinnie, Speed and Roy were playing poker, Felix came to the apartment, having just been thrown out by his wife, and not knowing where else to go. This is even mentioned by Murray in "Gloria Moves In" (71), and by Vinnie in "Where''s Grandpa?" (42). But in "The Odd Holiday" (75) a flashback tells about a vacation that Oscar and Felix went on with their wives, during which Gloria told Felix that she wanted a divorce. This contradicts the entire premise of the play in which Oscar, who was already divorced, invited Felix to stay with him, because he couldn''t stand living alone. (How could Oscar have invited Felix to live with him if he was still married to Blanche?!)

042 "Where's Grandpa?"
071 "Gloria Moves In"
075 "The Odd Holiday"