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Oscar's Age

'In "Vocal Girl Makes Good" (87) Oscar celebrates his 40th birthday, which would mean that he was born in 1933. But in "Our Fathers" (102) a flashback shows us that Oscar and Felix were both children during prohibition (which was from 1919 to 1933) which meant that both of them were born sometime during the 1920s. Also, Oscar couldn''t have known Felix in World War II ["The Odd Couple Meet their Host" (33)] if he was born in 1933 because he would have been too young to be in the army. And according to the script of the original play, Oscar was 43. So, if he was 43 at the start of the series, he should have been 46 in "Vocal Girl Makes Good." (Note: Jack Klugman was born in 1922, making him 51 during "Vocal Girl Makes Good.")

033 "The Odd Couple Meet their Host"
087 "Vocal Girl Makes Good"
102 "Our Fathers"