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Army Locations

'In "Laugh, Clown, Laugh" (113), Felix tells Oscar that he was stationed in England while in the army, and later in Greenland. But a flashback in "Partner''s Investment" (43) shows him in Guadacanal. In "The Roy Clark Show" (111), Felix tells Oscar about how he "had them rolling in the trenches at Anzio" with his imitation of Noel Coward. And in yet another episode, Felix mentions having picked up girls in occupied France. Either it''s an inconsistency, or Felix did a heck of a lot of traveling while in the army! Also, "This is the Army, Mrs. Madison" (77) shows both Oscar and Felix in Abnerville, Connecticut when they were in the army. In another episode, it is mentioned that Oscar was in Okinawa in the army.

043 "Partner's Investment"
077 "This is the Army, Mrs. Madison"
111 "The Roy Clark Show"
113 "Laugh, Clown, Laugh"