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How They Met

In "The Jury Story" (4) Oscar and Felix tell the Pigeon sisters how they met on a jury seven years before, which would have been 1963. But in "Oscar the Model" (8) Felix says that he has known Oscar for 15 years, which would have been since 1955. Then in the show opening for the second season, a narrator says that the two were "childhood friends."* In "Speak for Yourself" (40) Oscar tells Murray that he met Felix in the early 1950s.

Also in "Our Fathers," (102), Oscar remembers that he and Felix had met briefly as children while their families were staying in the same hotel.

*In some of the later show openings, the word "childhood" was removed from the narrator''s speech.

000 Opening/Closing Credits
004 "The Jury Story"
008 "Oscar, the Model"
040 "Speak For Yourself"
102 "Our Fathers"