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Odd Couple Message Board Archives - May 18-23, 2004

The posts are in order from earliest to latest - so the top of the page includes the first posts made after the announcement of Tony's death. Many people on the board use the subject line for their entire post, with nothing in the body. These posts have "(NT)" in the subject (meaning "no text"). For easy readability (especially when there is more text beyond the subject line), I've put the subjects in bold.

We lost our Felix. Tony Randall died according to Fox News. (NT) -- reetsie, 09:19:58 05/18/04 Tue

  • I just heard.........there are no words............. (NT) -- BR, 09:25:06 05/18/04 Tue
    • NEW YORK - Tony Randall (news), the comic actor known for playing lovably prissy

      characters, has died. He was 84. (NT)
       -- Stix, 09:26:01 05/18/04 Tue
  • :-( R.I.P. near the babbling brook... (NT) -- LuLuBoomBoomChiChiDumDum, 09:29:08 05/18/04 Tue
  • Re: We lost our Felix. Tony Randall died according to Fox News. -- Tokyo Nose, 09:29:46

    05/18/04 Tue
  • Goodbye, old friend. We will miss you. (By the way, who ever thought Jack would outlive him?)

We were lucky to know him at all. (NT) -- Messy Jesse, 09:30:56 05/18/04 Tue

The board's gonna be jammed today so let me put in this suggestion.....maybe we can all attend his funeral if there is one? (NT) -- Stix M, 09:33:51 05/18/04 Tue

  • Re: The board's gonna be jammed today so let me put in this suggestion.....maybe we can all attend his funeral if there is one?

    -- Lori, 10:22:29 05/18/04 Tue
  • I would love to attend some memorial. I live in Wisconsin and am just devistated for Jack - just seeing all those clips and hearing all those memories on Saturday brought me to tears this morning after hearing the news. I wonder if Jack will still perform this weekend, but if it were up to Tony, he'd say "the show must go on!" Please let me know if you hear anything in regards to services. Thanks!

  • Re: The board's gonna be jammed today so let me put in this
    suggestion.....maybe we can all attend his funeral if there is one?

    -- Bolivian Chicken, 10:51:07 05/18/04 Tue
  • If anyone finds out where & when the funeral is, please post it. Or at least, any memorial services in NYC? It's sad that we only honor the giants after they are gone.

    "...Felix Unger, a bon vivant, who had more faith in me than I had in myself." You're a rock, Unger. We will miss you dearly.

  • Re: We lost our Felix. Tony Randall died according to Fox News. -- Felixfan, 09:38:09

    05/18/04 Tue

  • I'm just devastated. His work is such a part of my life. My prayers go out to his wife and children.

  • I just heard. I was sitting here with the football off. (NT) -- Mervin the Finger, 09:42:36 05/18/04 Tue

    • Its sad. We new this day would come eventually but its still sad. I haven't felt this bad since Jackie Gleason died. The man lived his life making others happy. (NT) -- Mervin the Finger, 09:45:35 05/18/04 Tue
      • This is the way the world ends, This is the way the world ends,This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang, but a whimper. (NT) -- Mervin the Finger, 09:46:56 05/18/04 Tue
  • I just thought he would go on forever..."hedd perffaith hedd"--"Peace,in Perfect Peace". (NT) -- Fondue Your Face, 09:47:02 05/18/04 Tue
  • Get the carriage and white horses ready. We lost a biggie! (NT) -- Dr. Clove, 09:49:14 05/18/04 Tue
  • RIP, Tony Randall. Thanks for the laughs. (NT) -- Speed, 09:51:03 05/18/04 Tue
  • Seven, seven, seven they will call you. Toward heaven, heaven, heaven you will soar! (NT) -- Aristophanes, 09:51:49 05/18/04 Tue
  • maybe he died from disgust. ... from our F and P threads (NT) -- scott, 09:57:23 05/18/04 Tue
  • I hope he doesn't criticize the laundry or his wings!! (NT) -- Stix M, 10:00:20 05/18/04 Tue
  • There are no words to ease thy pain! So long Tony. (NT) -- Harry Hit, 10:09:40 05/18/04 Tue
  • Dear, departed Felix...I'm speechless (and that's saying something) (NT) -- Melnitz, 10:13:19 05/18/04 Tue
  • He gave us so much. What a talent. Oscar assumed he would die first (Fat Farm episode) and Felix said, "I'll miss you." (NT) -- Salty, 10:13:31 05/18/04 Tue
  • "I'll tell you frankly... I've never considered the possibility of Felix Unger dying." -- Pop Belkin, 10:14:46 05/18/04 Tue
  • R.I.P. Mr. Randall. You've brought smiles to the faces of so many...
    and for that, you shall always be remembered.

  • I can't think of anything to say that hasn't already been said. Thank you, Tony, for the laughs and re-creating one of the most memorable characters in the history of television. (NT) -- Brian, 10:15:22 05/18/04 Tue
  • Here's the AP write-up for Tony Randall -- Roger, 10:18:16 05/18/04 Tue
  • Tony Randall, Half of the 'Odd Couple,' Dies at 84


    NEW YORK -- Tony Randall, the comic actor best known for playing fastidious photographer Felix Unger on "The Odd Couple," has died. He was 84.

    Randall died in his sleep Monday night at NYU Medical Center of complications from a long illness, according to his publicity firm, Springer Associates.

    He is survived by his wife, Heather Harlan Randall, who made him a father for the first time at age 77, and their two children, 7-year-old Julia Laurette and 5-year-old Jefferson Salvini.

    Randall won an Emmy for playing Unger on the sitcom based on Neil Simon's play and movie. The show ran from 1970-75, but Randall won after it had been canceled, prompting him to quip at the awards ceremony: "I'm so happy I won. Now if I only had a job."

    The show's charm sprang from Randall's chemistry and conflict with Jack Klugman as sloppy sportswriter Oscar Madison, with whom he's forced to share an apartment after both men get divorced.

    Before that, Randall was best known as the fastidious "best friend" figure in several Rock Hudson-Doris Day movies, including 1959's "Pillow Talk" and 1961's "Lover Come Back."

    The actor became a fixture on David Letterman's late-night talk shows, appearing a record 70 times on the "Late Show" alone. He made fun of his own prim image by taking part in Letterman's wacky antics, including allowing himself to be covered in mud. And in 1993, when Conan O'Brien took over the time slot at NBC that Letterman had vacated for a new show at CBS, Randall was a guest on O'Brien's debut episode.

    After "The Odd Couple," Randall had two short-lived sitcoms, one of which was "The Tony Randall Show," in which he played a stuffy Philadelphia judge, from 1976-78. From 1981-83, he played the title role in the sitcom "Love, Sidney," as a single, middle-aged commercial artist helping a female friend care for her young daughter. The show was based on a TV movie in which Sidney was gay; in the TV show, the character's sexual orientation was implied, but never specified. This occurred more than a decade before the much-hyped coming-out on "Ellen" in 1997, which made Ellen DeGeneres' character the first openly gay central figure on a network series.

    For his television work, Randall got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1998. In an effort to bring classic theater back to Broadway, Randall founded and was artistic director of the non-profit National Actors Theatre in 1991, using $1 million of his own money and $2 million from corporations and foundations. The company's first production was a revival of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible," starring Martin Sheen and Michael York, which hadn't been staged on Broadway in 40 years.

    The next year, Randall's production of Ibsen's "The Master Builder" didn't exactly draw raves. AP Drama Critic Michael Kuchwara called it "deadly earnest -- and dull." Subsequent performances included "Night Must Fall," "The Gin Game" and "The Sunshine Boys," in which Randall reunited with Klugman, in 1998. Randall also starred in his company's Tony Award-winning staging of "M. Butterfly."

    The actor also was socially active, lobbying against smoking in public places, marching in Washington against apartheid in the '80s, and helping raise money for AIDS research in the '90s.

    Born Leonard Rosenberg on Feb. 26, 1920, Randall was drawn as a teenager to roadshows that came through his hometown of Tulsa, Okla. "One night, the entire town turned out to see the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo perform Swan Lake and Sheherezade," he wrote. "I -- and most of the audience -- had never seen a ballet before. We stood and cheered, thinking it was a 'once in a lifetime' event."

    Randall attended Northwestern University before heading to New York at 19, where he made his stage debut in 1941 in "The Circle of Chalk." After Army service during World War II from 1942-46, he returned to New York, where he appeared on radio and early television. He got his start in movies in 1957. He was married to his college sweetheart, Florence Randall, for 54 years until she died of cancer in 1992.

    "I saw her in a bank -- I never saw another girl in my life. She was gorgeous, the most beautiful girl I ever saw," Randall said in a TV interview in 1995. Later that year, he married Harlan, who was 50 years his junior. Randall met her through his National Actors Theatre; former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani performed the ceremony. Harlan gave birth to their first child, Julia Laurette Randall, in April 1997. Their second child, Jefferson Salvini Randall, was born in June 1998.

  • La Forza del Destino: Thanks for the gift of laughter, Mr. R! (NT) (NT) -- Vinnie, 10:33:59 05/18/04 Tue

    • I never wanted this day to come. I'm so sad. So long to the Big F! :-( (NT-- Loretta Spoon, 10:42:37 05/18/04 Tue
  • We should be down on our knees thanking our Maker for a friend like Tony. (NT-- Brian, 11:24:40 05/18/04 Tue
  • I think I'll stop walking now...he's grown wings -- CHB, 12:57:54 05/18/04 Tue
  • RIP

Felix -- Joe, 10:33:36 05/18/04 Tue

OHHHHHH. "You bet my eternal resting place on a sweaty animal".
Good, clean comedy. We shall not look upon his like again.

So Long Sport...from West Coast Fans  -- Cool Heavy Bull, 10:48:24 05/18/04 Tue

Wow...I'm on the West Coast we just got the news...

...I'm stunned

Jeez, what a terrible thing to wake up to. I just saw the obit on Yahoo News. I will watch GSN today and look for Tony's various appearances. Out of respect, there wil be no Mystery Game Clue today. R.I.P. (NT)
-- 52nd Street Tom, 11:27:11 05/18/04 Tue

Plot 101 by the Babbling Brook  -- Pop Belkin, 12:21:35 05/18/04 Tue

By the way Felix, your wife Harlan is "well above average"

  • Next to the Captain. (NT) -- 52nd Street Tom, 12:25:12 05/18/04 Tue
  • .. and the Bowling King of Long Island ... Beloved husband, devoted father, never threw a gutterball ...... (NT) -- Ma Gump, 12:26:34 05/18/04 Tue

 "A regimental flag draped across my coffin, drown by a team of white horses while the band plays The Grand March from
Aida. I’d like to go round and round the cemetery 3 times."
  -- pb, 12:33:00 05/18/04 Tue

RIP Tony.

TDJ will resume on Thursday.

  • And I REALLY would like to be there....... (NT) -- BR, 12:41:49 05/18/04 Tue
  • ...I'd like to be there -- CHB, 12:43:14 05/18/04 Tue
  • literally.

I actually got a bit choked up and teary eyed listening to the tv show's theme just now.... (NT) -- Vinnie, 12:35:56 05/18/04 Tue

Wow, this is unreal. I am on balance not a very emotional guy and hold up pretty well during deaths in the family, friends, etc. I have TOC episodes runnng in the background all day on my tv as I work in my home office. Just now the theme came on and I got more emotional than I have probably in the last 10 years combined. Literally tears welling in my eyes. We will miss you, Mr. R!

  • Re: I actually got a bit choked up and teary eyed listening to the tv show's theme just now.... (NT) -- Lori, 13:12:48 05/18/04 Tue
  • As did I...infact, I came home for the day to morn as all I'm doing is looking up information on this sad event.

Larry King Live -- Loretta Spoon, 12:44:41 05/18/04 Tue

Just looked at Remembering a legend Tuesday, May 18 Exclusive: Tony Randall's wife, Heather, and "Odd Couple" co-star Jack Klugman and others join Larry to remember the TV icon. 9:00 pm EST ****

I suppose we should be on the look out at TV Land for a marathon and maybe Channel 11 in NYC. I'm gonna cry.

  • Re: "I'm gunna cry" -- Vinnie, 12:53:00 05/18/04 Tue
  • Read my post just before yours. I did cry, and I'm a 36 year old guy who has been described as being 'dead inside,' and that was by a close friend!

    • Re: "I'm gunna cry" -- Loretta Spoon, 12:57:49 05/18/04 Tue
    • Nothing to be ashamed of, IMO. It's weird how close you can feel to people you don't even know. TR and JK have been a part of my life for so long and I'm only 35....I grew up watching the reruns. And to know that they remained such good friends makes it all the more emotional. I'm kind of surprised JK is going to be there, but I'm sure it will be wonderful!

      • Re: "I'm gunna cry" -- Lori, 13:19:48 05/18/04 Tue
      • Loretta, I loved seeing your post saying you were only 35 and a big fan - that's awesome! I'm 45 and I feel the same way! Seeing Jack last weekend and hearing him talk, I felt like I really got to know the real human being, not just the actor. He truly is a brilliant man. I only wish I could've had the same opportunity with Mr. Randall.

  • I'm at work so I have kinda held it in. A couple of snifles escaped though. One co-worker came back from lunch looking for me to tell me, though he figured I knew. (NT) -- Red River, 12:56:27 05/18/04 Tue

I'm just kind of stoic. I guess I thoguth that both would be around forever.....though knowing that either's end was drawing
near......I have to work my second job, too, so I'll miss Larry King....but I'll play some episodes when I get home to unwind tongight.
RIP Tony. You will be missed. (NT)
 -- Red River, 12:48:52 05/18/04 Tue

  • Don't worry Red, you will get to see it..... (NT) -- BR, 12:53:00 05/18/04 Tue
    • Thanks BR!!! Lemme know what to send in return. (NT) -- Red River, 13:02:09 05/18/04 Tue

I've gotten calls and e-mails offering condolences. My friends know I am an Odd Couple Devotee and just wanted say they were sorry.
Kinda gets you right here. (NT)
 -- Mervin the Finger, 12:50:23 05/18/04 Tue

  • It really is unbelievable. I'm getting calls and e-mails too. I'm sure that we are all experiencing the same thing.....
    -- BR, 12:56:18 05/18/04 Tue
    • I received 3 calls today. I guess the show meant more to me than I thought, considering other folks thought to call to

      mention Mr. Randalls passing. These people don't even call for my birthday. (NT
      -- Pop Belkin, 13:00:02 05/18/04 Tue
    • 6 emails and 4 calls, mostly from back east, and it's still before noon on the west coast. (NT) -- Vinnie, 13:38:58 05/18/04 Tue
    • Nobody called me...but being here to share the thoughts of today with you guys more than makes up for it. (NT) -- Brian, 14:12:00 05/18/04 Tue

Wow, another Pop Belkin on the board. At least his heart is in the right place. (Perhaps we'll have a better chance of accumulating points in the daily trivia) (NT) -- Pop Belkin, 12:51:41 05/18/04 Tue

  • Wait, you mean the Pop who originally started the post isn't our West L.A. Pop ?? (NT) -- 52nd Street Tom, 15:03:25 05/18/04 Tue
    • You are correct Tom, my chopper & I did not start this thread. (NT) -- Pop Belkin, 23:08:28 05/18/04 Tue

This post really made me sad...reality has kicked in (NT) -- Stix M, 13:00:22
05/18/04 Tue

Adieu Dear Felix  -- Jo-Ann George, 1:13:20 05/18/04 Tue

You will be missed but your legacy lives on. Thank you Mr. Randall for all the laughs.There have been millions. My best to your precious
family. "O what a goose I am"

Jo-Ann George


Of all the words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, "It might have been." ..... See inside -- Messy Jesse, 13:22:52 05/18/04 Tue

Of all the words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, "It might have been."

That line may have applied to Felix Unger, but not to Tony Randall. He made his mark in the world by doing what he loved to do, which was to entertain others. He used his fame and goodwill for good causes. And he used his good fortune for society by spending $1 million of his own money to start his theatre company. He lived his life not waiting for tomorrow. How many of us can say that? The only sad part is that only now will people say about him what they should have said for him to hear.

One of those that will probably have something nice to say is David Letterman on his show tonight. Like most of you I plan to watch Larry King tonight too.

Although I won't see it, heaven will be a little neater. I'll be down with Adolf eating salami and jelly sandwiches and goop melange.

Some day soon I'll open up my Odd Couple trivia book and turn to the page where Tony signed it for me. But not today.

  • I bet Dave does say something about it. I'll be home in time to tune in for the monologue. (NT) -- Red River, 13:41:31 05/18/04 Tue
  • New link for tributes to Tony -- Messy Jesse, 14:01:24 05/18/04 Tue

  • Yes, I agree...Dave will definitely have kind words. Just read that Broadway will dim their lights to honor Tony tonight at 8:00 (NT) -- Loretta Spoon, 14:08:25 05/18/04 Tue

He was a GIANT among actors, and NOONE resented him for it! (NT-- Leonard, 15:18:21 05/18/04 Tue

He was well above average. (NT) -- Mitzi, 17:24:49 05/18/04 Tue

Poem -- Verve and Panache, 13:29:45 05/18/04 Tue


And another regrettable thing about death

is the ceasing of your own brand of magic,

which took a whole life to develop and market --

the quips, the witticisms, the slant

adjusted to a few, those loved ones nearest

the lip of the stage, their soft faces blanched

in the footlight glow, their laughter close to tears,

their tears confused with their diamond earrings,

their warm pooled breath in and out with your heartbeat,

their response and your performance twinned.

The jokes over the phone. The memories

packed in the rapid-access file. The whole act.

Who will do it again? That's it: no one;

imitators and descendants aren't the same.

--John Updike

ok, I don't think that Tony's perfection was "wasted" since he brought

so much joy to millions and will continue to do so long into the future

- but I love this poem b/c it captures the terrible sense of

irreplaceable loss.

  • Re: Poem -- Paul W., 15:09:15 05/18/04 Tue
  • yes it dos. Tont of course would be very appy to see us turning to the literary greats at this time. but although it is sad he never wanted eeath to be sorrow but celebration. its hard but true!

Just heard some kind words of tribute from Elinor Donahue on MSNBC--even though,being
the perfectionist he was,he yelled at her the first time they rehearsed,and she thought her role as Miriam would be a one-shot! The
next day,she got flowers and an apology in her dressing room,and she had fond memories of him as an actor and a man. (NT)
Fondue Your Face, 13:32:13 05/18/04 Tue

  • benificence..... you got that? (NT) -- scott, 17:58:27 05/18/04 Tue

New York Times -- Lori, 13:56:29 05/18/04 Tue

Go to for a wonderful 3-page article, including Tony recently learning how to rollerblade!!

"Warm and Wavery" -- Paul W.,  15:03:00 05/18/04 Tue

to cheer mr up i put on my copy of Tony's "Warm and Wavery" album. Although I keep crying through the stragely helps me today.

TV Land Tony Randall Tribute - 5/20/2004, 9PM EST -- Vinnie,  15:28:35 05/18/04 Tue

I emailed TV Land earlier, politely asking if they had a Tony Randall

tribute planned? I was pleased and surprised when I got this email just

3 hours after I emailed them, with some wonderful news:

I am posting their response here! Tune in on May 20, 9PM EST!

* * * * *

Dear Viewer,

Thank you for writing. We are all saddened by the loss of Mr. Randall.

To celebrate his contribution to classic TV, TV Land has planned an

on-air tribute to the man who illuminated Felix Unger, on Thursday May

20th beginning at 9pm (et/pt).

Also, please come back to later today to learn more about

the career of Tony Randall. Click on the link from our homepage for the

Tony Randall Remembrance page.

Thank you for tuning in On Air and Online, TV Land and Nick at Nite Online

  • Excellent...thanks Vinnie (NT) -- 52, 15:56:13 05/18/04 Tue
  • Good work Vin, thanks! (NT) -- pb, 16:57:01 05/18/04 Tue
  • Re: This is wonderful news from TV Land!!! The best tribute of all that they could
    do, would be to get THE ODD COUPLE back on TV Land added to their full-time schedule!!! (NT)
    -- Jack, 18:05:03 05/18/04 Tue
    • Amen, Jack. (NT) -- Ma Gump, 18:50:35 05/18/04 Tue

I'm somehow hoping that I'll turn on the TV tonight, hear honking in the background behind Larry King, as he remarks "Mass hysteria brought on by grief," then see Jack growl "That's not mass hysteria brought on by grief, that's.......TONY!" Oh well, we can only dream. Sleep well, old friend. I hope they put Mr. Friend in the casket with you. (NT) -- Tokyo Nose, 16:05:45 05/18/04 Tue

Tony's passing... -- Owen, 16:10:16 05/18/04 Tue

It's very strange to feel sadder at the death of one celebrity over the
death of another, when you know that you didn't actually KNOW either of
them. But in this case, you think you knew him, or at least had a

connection, even if HE didn't know about it. We hear the news of
celebrity deaths all the time, and we say, oh, that's a shame, and then
we move on. Not this time. This was one of OUR GUYS.

I think that we didn't know it, but we had it especially good, so good
that we took it for granted. Most of the classic shows of the 60's and
70's have seen their adult actors pass on, but our favorite show had

its stars live on into their 80's. It was almost like Felix and Oscar
just continued to exist.

Unfortunately, maybe this will be what it takes to spark awareness
about their talent to a new generation, at least for a while. I'm sure
there will be tributes and marathons for a short time. I hope Jack can

get through this.

It seems like we're a team, and one of the captains is now gone. For
the next few weeks, people will be saying how great he was, and we can
take some satisfaction that we knew it all along.

  • Re: Does anyone think it's a good idea, or have the time, to possibly copy and save all the comments written today on this board, to ask Jaclyn or someone else who knows how to do it, to create a Tony Randall tribute page to link to this site? Or am I being too maudlin? I just ask now before all the posts get deleted. If not, that's fine. (NT) -- Owen,16:13:30 05/18/04 Tue
    • Re: Does anyone think it's a good idea, or have the time, to possibly copy and save all the comments written today on this board, to ask Jaclyn or someone else who knows how to do it, to create a Tony Randall tribute page to link to this site? Or am I being too maudlin? I just ask now before all the posts get deleted. If not, that's fine. -- Lori,16:18:56 05/18/04 Tue
    • Do it!

    • Amen to that, Owen. (NT) -- Brian, 16:13:46 05/18/04 Tue
    • Re: I'm NOT saying this to try to be funny, but if I didn't have this cast on my leg, I'd GO to his funeral AND I'd bring 3 little dogs with yarmulkes....I swear I would do it. (NT) -- Owen, 16:16:47 05/18/04 Tue
    • Re: Tony's passing... -- Lori, 16:17:23 05/18/04 Tue
    • Amen! Well said! I know Tony's watching down on all of us now and smiling! Right now I'm more concerned about Jack. I wish I could give him a big hug! Thank you for saying what we're all feeling right now!

      • i think a few of the members actually had met him and gotten to know him a little. (NT) -- scott, 17:54:52 05/18/04 Tue
      • Re: Tony's passing... -- Jack, 17:59:49 05/18/04 Tue
      • This is to acknowledge the passing of a man who gave us generations of laughter, hope, and optimism for our future and our loved-ones. Tony gave us hope for better today's and brighter tomorrows. The fact that The Odd Couple continues to entertain over three decades of people from all walks of life is one of many tributes to a great man and humanitarian. Rest in peace Tony.

Just heard the news... -- Jaclyn, 16:35:51 05/18/04 Tue

I don't even know how long it's been since I've posted here. I know that I've badly neglected the message board, due to work and graduate school. Fortunately, the semester ended last week and I received my master's degree. I've been trying to catch up on all the things that I didn't do this semester - job hunting, cleaning out my closet and my car, etc. Updating the web site and participating in the message board again were part of that list. And if you have contributed a bio, rest assured that I have it and that it will go up one of these days. I also have to work on the "lyrics" page, with words to all the songs and poems from the show.

I just saw a blurb on the news about Tony's passing, and I don't know what to say. It's always sad when someone dies, but I think we all agree that Tony had a full life in which he accomplished a lot. As Shakespeare said in one of his poems: "So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see, So long lives this, and this gives life to thee." So, as long as The Odd Couple lives on in reruns, so does Tony. :)


P.S. I will definitely do some kind of tribute page for Tony.

  • Re: I'd like to take this opportunity to once again thank Jaclyn for creating this site. For the past 7 years, (wow, has it been that long?) this site has been a big part of my leisure time enjoyment, and has allowed to to get back into a show that was a major source of laughter and nostalgia. Thanks, Jaclyn. (my head is tilted to the side, and I'm going to weave you a wicker basket. (NT) -- Owen, 16:55:17 05/18/04 Tue
    • I 2nd that! It's nice to have a place to go to at a time like today - or just to get a chuckle! (NT) -- Leonard, 17:24:04 05/18/04 Tue
    • Re: I'd like to take this opportunity to once again thank Jaclyn for creating this site. For the past 7 years, (wow, has it been that long?) this site has been a big part of my leisure time enjoyment, and has allowed to to get back into a show that was a major source of laughter and nostalgia. Thanks, Jaclyn. (my head is tilted to the side, and I'm going to weave you a wicker basket. -- Lori, 17:37:07 05/18/04 Tue
    • I just discovered this site this past Saturday! I've been a huge fan since I was 15 - I'm now 45! After today, somehow I think this was meant to be. Thanks to all the OC fans for being there!

      • Yes, Lori, we owe all this to Jaclyn, who started it. She's too modest to take much credit though. P.S. You need to come up with an Odd Couple related screen name ! (Unless you took the name Lori from Oscar's almost-step-daughter) (NT) -- 52nd Street Tom, 17:46:05 05/18/04 Tue
        • Re: Yes, Lori, we owe all this to Jaclyn, who started it. She's too modest to take much credit though. P.S. You need to come up with an Odd Couple related screen name ! (Unless you took the name Lori from Oscar's almost-step-daughter) -- Myrna, 18:56:17 05/18/04 Tue
        • Formally known as "Lori" - Thanks Jaclyn and all who care!

Guess now I can finally play Felix in a revival! -- John Ervin, 17:51:29 05/18/04 Tue

Not that I, or Art Carney, or Tim Conway or even the incredible Jack
Lemmon would come close to defining the role like Tony did. But, now
that the number one contender (and, alas, a couple of his formidable

opponents) is gone I can fulfill my dream of playing the great
neat-nick in a stage revival. Now all I need is an Oscar and about $50,
000 ...

Aside from Felix, of course, there were Tony's awesome turns in "Rock
Hunter", "Dr. Lao" and the Rock-and-Doris flicks. And, let's not
forget, he was the greatest talk show guest of all time!

We'll miss you, Tony! Cheers!

Dan Rather and CBS News just did a nice piece on Tony... -- pb, 17:56:11 05/18/04 Tue

They showed some clips from the OC and his plays. Even a clip from Letterman.

Thanks for all the info. I was stuck in an office but kept getting phone calls and emails throughout the day. Just to recap a lot of the stuff below, tonight Larry King is having a tribute to Tony. Tony's wife Heather and Jack Klugman are suppose to be on hand. Klugman cancelled his one man show for the week. Not sure if there were any other dates after the week scheduled. Also Thursday, TV Land is having a tribute to Tony, but no schedule has been posted yet. Really a sad day though. Feels like a piece of the board is gone.

  • And now ABC news also. Nice to see him getting his due.... -- pb, 17:59:58 05/18/04 Tue
  • ABC also showed him getting his Emmy and the speech about him now needing a job. Also included clips of him with his wife and kids in a park.

  • The local NY stations did a nice job...almost all the anchors and critics
    knew him...even the two bellowing guys on ESPN noted his passing. (NT)
    -- FYF, 19:05:53 05/18/04 Tue
    • Does WPIX have a flag at its office? If so, they shuold put it at half staff. 11 Alive (NT) -- 52nd Street Tom, 19:20:03 05/18/04 Tue

OK, amidst the mourning, how about some favorite Felix lines: (NT) -- Owen, 18:14:02 05/18/04 Tue

  • Re: Better yet, how about trying to cite quotes that best captured and defined Felix and Tony Randall. (NT) -- Owen, 18:16:31 05/18/04 Tue
  • Re: :LOVE HAS MADE ME STRONG! THE TRUTH WILL OUT! (NT) -- Owen, 18:17:51 05/18/04 Tue
  • Not one iota of avarice, not a scintilla of cupidity for fiscal increment... (NT) -- pb, 18:18:22 05/18/04 Tue
  • Re: I DON'T LIKE TO SEE MY FRIENDS FAIL! (NT) -- Owen, 18:19:01 05/18/04 Tue
  • Re: Felix: Who wants to hear jokes when they can listen to MUSIC? Murray: I WOULD. (NT) -- Owen, 18:20:50 05/18/04 Tue
  • Re: OK, amidst the mourning, how about some favorite Felix lines: -- eddiejames, 18:50:58 05/18/04 Tue
  • You should never assume, because when you "assume" you make an "ass" of "u" and "me". - Felix Unger in the scalpers episode of the Odd Couple

  • I'm up--up as a pup!! Rowf,rowf,rowf!!! (NT) -- FYF, 18:55:17 05/18/04 Tue
  • I think more than almost anyone else, Tony's expressions and mannerisms were what really made the lines come to life. (NT) -- Messy Jesse, 18:57:14 05/18/04 Tue
  • The whole world thinks I'm a neurotic madman and I'm going to kill you for that! -- Roger, 19:18:40 05/18/04 Tue
  • Tony's face when he says this line is so priceless....

  • oscar,oscar,oscar (NT) -- scott, 23:26:29 05/18/04 Tue
  • The one Felix moment that did it for me was not even a was a sound he made in "Take My Furniture, Please!" While surveying the apartment after re-furnished by Oscar ("2 minutes"), he saunters over to one of the curtains at the window and tugs on it close to his face. "Hmmm..." (NT) -- Brian, 23:37:05 05/18/04 Tue

TV Land OC schedule for Thursday....-- pb, 18:35:36 05/18/04 Tue

Looks like its only from 9pm to 12.

The episodes in TV Land's Odd Couple marathon
presentation will include:

9 p.m. The Jury Story

Felix tells the story of how he and Oscar first met while on jury duty.
Upon learning that the man they helped send to jail has been released,
Felix recalls the trouble he had when the jury was locked up. Guest

stars Barney Martin.

9:30 p.m. The Odd Couple Meet Their Host 

Oscar and Felix both appear on a popular talk show hosted by David

10 p.m. Password

Allen Ludden invites Oscar to be a celebrity contestant on his ABC show
and eager Felix persuades him to accept the offer and to take him along
as his partner. Guest stars Allen Ludden and Betty White, as themselves.

10:30 p.m. My Strife In Court

Oscar receives four tickets to a hit Broadway show and invites Felix
and Miriam to be his guests, planning to get a date for himself. But
when he is unable to find a girl, he gives Felix the extra ticket to

dispose of. This episode contains the classic blackboard scene with "assume." Guest stars Elinor Donahue.

11pm Lets Make A Deal

After burning a hole in Felix's bed, Oscar despairs of raising the
money for a new one. But a poker session with his old college friend,
Monty Hall, leads to an idea. Guest stars Monty Hall

1130 The Flying Felix

Oscar tires to cure Felix of his fear of flying so he can cover a photo
assignment in Houston

  • Tributes on CNN and TCM -- Miss Olam, 03:27:57 05/19/04 Wed
  • On Sunday, Larry King Live will air a repeat of the Jack and Tony
    interview from a few years ago - I believe that's at 9PM Eastern.

    Turner Classic Movies is setting aside most of Monday for a Tony
    Randall tribute:

    In Memory of Tony Randall, Turner Classic Movies will showcase a
    special festival of his films on Monday, May 24, replacing our
    previously scheduled programming.

    Here is the new schedule: 

    6:00 AM The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao (1964)

    8:00 AM The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (1960)

    10:00 AM The Alphabet Murders (1965)

    12:00 PM The Mating Game (1959)

    2:00 PM Boys' Night Out (1962)

    4:00 PM Pillow Talk (1959)

    6:00 PM Send Me No Flowers (1964)

"A world without Tony Randall is a world I can't accept and won't recognize." ---- Jack Klugman-- Messy Jesse, 18:37:14 05/18/04 Tue

  • Re: "A world without Tony Randall is a world I can't accept and won't recognize." ---- Jack Klugman-- Myrna, 18:49:53 05/18/04 Tue
  • Just saw going to post this myself - saw it on ET - how very, very, very sad.

  • Re: "A world without Tony Randall is a world I can't accept and won't recognize." ---- Jack Klugman-- Fran from Long Beach, 18:56:40 05/18/04 Tue
  • Jack Klugman & Tony Randall's widow will be on Larry King Live tonight @ 9PM EST. To all the regulars that are on this sight - God Bless You ALL, everyone!

  • Re: "A world without Tony Randall is a world I can't accept and won't recognize." ---- Jack Klugman-- Mike, 19:09:18 05/18/04 Tue
  • I just heard the sad news of Tony Randall's passing, and would like to extend my condolences to his family. Tony was fantastic in his teaming up with Jack Klugman on the TV's Odd Couple Series that I grew up watching and still do to this day, as it is my favorite all time TV show. Tony will be greatly missed.

Associated Press online has the video clip of Tony winning his Odd Couple EMMY from
1975. I had no idea that footage still existed. Too bad it took his death for me to finally see it.
(NT) -- 52nd Street Tom,19:22:09
05/18/04 Tue

  • GSN is going to show two Randall appearances on Password and What's My Line during
    their black-and-white overnight block on May 23.
    (NT) -- Fondue Your Face, 19:25:09 05/18/04 Tue

    • Tony Randall shows up on these shows on GSN all the time - I have one on tape which
      is erie in that he uses a greek name as a clue on Password and I was amazed!!
      (NT) -- Vinnie, 19:32:42
      05/18/04 Tue
  • Re: Associated Press online has the video clip of Tony winning his Odd
    Couple EMMY from 1975. I had no idea that footage still existed. Too bad it took his death for me to finally see it.
    -- Mike, 21:05:20
    05/18/04 Tue
  • It's been a while since I last posted here. I just checked out that clip. Thanks for letting us know where to find it. It's so sad to see him gone. I was fortunate to see the day-long marathon that WB-11 aired last November (and he hosted it). No doubt the lights of Broadway will be a little dimmer now. Tony Randall, we all love you as Felix Unger on TV, and you will be truly missed.

Randall joked in September about how he envisioned his funeral: President Bush and Vice President Cheney would show up to pay their respects but they'd be turned away, because his family knows he didn't like them. During a speech to the National Funeral Directors Association, he said funerals should be planned as a celebration of life and "a touch of humor doesn't hurt a bit." -- Steve Baratta,19:41:35 05/18/04 Tue

I was saddenned when I read the news, but when I thought of some of funniest moments of Tony as Felix I could only smile. Nice job on this board by all.

  • I just hope they bury him near the babbling brook and he has a tree, and hope he's not buried near anyone named "Split". I'm sorry I need to joke, it will keep me from crying. (NT) -- Pushover Paige, 22:18:38 05/18/04 Tue

In case you didn't see Fran's post below, Jack and Tony's wife are in Larry King Live in 10 minutes. -- Steve B.,19:52:53 05/18/04 Tue

thank you Fran.

  • gracious of Heather to come on so soon. Condolences to Heather, Tony's family and friends (NT) -- scott, 22:14:28 05/18/04 Tue
  • I'm sobbing like a's finally hitting me, like my own father past (NT) -- Stix, 20:23:23 05/18/04 Tue
    • re: I'm sobbing like a's finally hitting me, like my own father past (NT) -- Myrna, 21:23:40 05/18/04 Tue
    • You're not alone. Hugs to you!

Commercial Break... I have a tear in my eye (NT) -- 52nd Street Tom, 20:31:57 05/18/04 Tue

  • Re: If Tony was friends with Barbara Eden, then he's OK with me! (NT) -- Owen, 20:37:18 05/18/04 Tue
  • Re: Jerry Stiller seems to be the most affected by this. He seems to be the most serious. (NT) -- Owen, 20:51:11 05/18/04 Tue
  • I've been watching with a tear all along (NT) -- Stix M, 20:53:32 05/18/04 Tue
  • Re: I've been watching with a tear all along -- Myrna, 21:26:59 05/18/04 Tue
  • Everytime they showed Jack choking up - the tears came...

A Few Words.... -- Walter Franklin, 20:37:34 05/18/04 Tue

I will write this whilst you all watch the tribute to Tony on CNN. I
don't get CNN, so I will have to wait for the online transcript.

For 22 years, nowhere near as long as some of you, I have been dazzled
by the brilliance of Tony Randalls performances - not just as Felix,
but also as Judge Walter Franklin and (although it is just a dim
memory) Sidney Shorr. Personally, I could take or leave his earlier
film work (apart from "Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter") but in every
episode of every sitcom that I saw him in - he did something unique. I

was lucky enough to have a few brief conversations with him when he and
Jack performed the OC in London in the summer of 96 and he was a
gentleman. It was obvious that he and Heather were besotted by each
other and the subsequent birth of their two children obviously made his
final years very happy ones.

I hope that Tony's passion for the stage will be honoured, with perhaps
The National Actors Theater being renamed The Tony Randall Theater.

The comments on this board have been deeply moving today. Thank you all
for posting your thoughts for others to read.

RIP Tony. Your legacy will be huge.

Clive Williams. (Walter Franklin) UK May 18 2004

Unfortunately Tonys National Actors Theatre doesn't have a permanent home. Right now
they're using the theatre at Pace University. (NT)
-- pb, 21:06:07 05/18/04 Tue

  • I was always under the impression that the National Actors Theater was a name rather
    than a venue. (NT)
    -- Walter Franklin, 21:09:52 05/18/04 Tue

thanks for checking in, clive (NT) -- scott, 21:27:07 05/18/04 Tue

Two things: One, I loved Jack's analogy regarding the end of "Password" and two, I was
THRILLED to hear Jack say that Tony loved to tell dirty jokes! :-) (NT)
-- BR, 21:06:15 05/18/04 Tue

  • Oh, and that he goosed Anne Meara! (NT) -- BR, 21:14:41 05/18/04 Tue
  • Re: Two things: One, I loved Jack's analogy regarding the end of "Password" and two, I

    was THRILLED to hear Jack say that Tony loved to tell dirty jokes! :-)
    -- Myrna, 21:33:24 05/18/04 Tue
    • There are OC outtakes in Jack's show? Pleeeeese let this show come to NY. I

      triiiiiied verrrrry harrrrd! (NT)
      -- Roger, 22:22:34 05/18/04 Tue
    • What show was Jack doing in Milwaukee? -- Steve B, 23:35:08 05/18/04 Tu
    • Last year I saw him in "On Golden Pond" in Carbondale,IL, and was thrilled to meet him. This morning I put on the same shirt I wore that day, then at lunch heard about Tony.

NY Times Obit -- richdawsonfeh!, 21:15:03 05/18/04 Tue

May 18, 2004

Tony Randall, Half of the 'Odd Couple,' Dies at 84


Tony Randall, the sardonic actor with the commanding voice and precise
diction whose career in light-comic parts in Hollywood and on the New
York stage seemed the perfect preparation for his signature role as the
fussbudget Felix Unger in the classic television series "The Odd
Couple," died Monday. He was 84.

Mr. Randall died in his sleep at N.Y.U. Medical Center in Manhattan
with his wife, Heather, by his side, Joe Trentacosta of Springer
Associates, Mr. Randall's publicity firm, said today. Mr. Trentacosta
said Mr. Randall had been hospitalized since December, when he
underwent a triple heart bypass and later contracted pneumonia.

Mr. Randall felt at home in Shakespeare and Shaw as well as in
expounding the virtues of Verdi and other operatic composers, which he
did on many occasions on public broadcasting and during intermission
programs of Saturday broadcasts of the Metropolitan Opera.

But he was best known for comedy, for which the public was eager to
accept him, even when the material was flimsy.

He had so many frothy parts in the movies and on television that John
Leonard wrote in The New York Times in 1976 that Mr. Randall "slips
into sitcoms ... as if into a warm bath, to play with the rubber ducks
the writers have provided. Dignity is his washrag. He is so talented
that one wouldn't blame him for a hint of disdain, even of contempt,
for many of the lines he has had to speak, the predicaments to be

endured. There has never been any such hint. He somehow civilizes the
material." Suave, urbane, his rich baritone voice the vehicle for the
clipped diction of the demanding elocution professor that Mr. Randall
easily could have been, Mr. Randall said he had been pleased to play
Felix Unger, whose roommate and temperamental opposite was Oscar
Madison, the slovenly, unkempt, cigar-smoking sportswriter played by
Jack Klugman. These two New Yorkers were thrown together by the
vicissitudes of life (mostly their wives) and made the worst of it, to
the delight of television viewers.But Mr. Randall, who won an Emmy Award for his portrayal, made clear
that he didn't want to be always or only thought of as Felix Unger,
because he could do so many other things.

He had a great love of repertory theater and in 1991 founded, with a
million dollars of his own money and much more from the moneyed sources
who backed his commercial acting, the National Actors Theater in New
York. Its purpose was to keep the works playwrights like Ibsen, Chekhov
and Arthur Miller before the public, and at a reasonable prices.

Mr. Randall was performing as recently as December. He starred in the
National Actors Theater's production of Luigi Pirandello's "Right You
Are," playing the role of Lamberto Laudisi.

In a review in the Times, Ben Brantley said that Mr. Randall "is
certainly a trouper. Scampering playfully about the set while
dispensing tantalizing bits of wisdom, his Laudisi brings to mind a Mr.
Rogers in an existentialist neighborhood."

But the critics were not especially kind to the works by Mr. Randall's
theater company,, and he said more than once that he was especially
disappointed in the reviews his company got from The New York Times.
Still, he stuck with it, saying he refused "to be brushed aside" by The
Times or any other newspaper.

He made clear, whenever he was asked, that his favorite role in more
than 50 years of acting was that of a middle-aged American diplomat in
the Broadway stage production of "M. Butterfly," David Henry Hwang's
1988 Tony winner. In it, Mr. Randall falls in love with a gorgeous
Japanese woman who turns out to be a male spy in disguise.

"It was the closest I ever came to being the kind of actor I believe
in," he informed reporters on more than one occasion.

Tony Randall was born Leonard Rosenberg in Tulsa, Okla., on Feb. 26,
1920. He was the son of Mogscha Rosenberg, a dealer in artworks and
antiques, and the former Julia Finston.

He was drawn to acting as a child. He had a most expressive, elastic
face and used it in class when he was not expected to, with the result
that one of his grade school teachers sent a note home, asking his
parents to order him to stop making funny faces. He appeared in his
first production in grade school and liked it so much that he decided
acting was what he would do with the rest of his life.

But when he went to Tulsa's Central High School, he was unsuccessful
when he tried out for parts in school plays, perhaps because he then

had a childhood stammer he was in the process of overcoming.

As a teenager, he went to see plays whenever he could and on one
occasion, the renowned Katharine Cornell came to town in a touring
company production of "Romeo and Juliet." Mr. Randall went backstage to
get her autograph, for which he was asked to pay 25 cents (Miss Cornell
informed him that such money went to charity). She borrowed the boy's
pen to write her name.

"Someday," Mr. Randall said, "I'll give you mine."

"Autograph or pen?` Miss Cornell tartly inquired.

After high school Mr. Randall enrolled as a speech and drama major at
Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., but dropped out after a year
and moved to New York, where he began to study acting at the
Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theater. His teachers there
included Sanford Meisner, a stern taskmaster, and Martha Graham, the
dancer, who gave him lessons on how to move about the stage gracefully.

He found work in radio in the early 1940's. One of his first parts was
on a weekly show called "I Love a Mystery," which revolved around three
adventurers named Jack, Doc and Reggie. Mr. Randall was Reggie. His
voice was also heard on radio soap operas like "Portia Faces Life,"
"When a Girl Marries" and "Life's True Story."

In 1941 he made his New York stage debut in an adaptation of the
13th-century Chinese fantasy "A Circle of Chalk," and later that year
appeared in Shaw's "Candida." He was in rehearsal for a part in
Thornton Wilder's "The Skin of Our Teeth" in 1942 when he was drafted
into the Army. He quickly rose from private to first lieutenant but saw
no combat action overseas. His last job with the Army was delivering

classified documents to various offices in Washington.

After his discharge in 1946 he returned to New York and made
appearances on a radio show then presided over by the satirist Henry
Morgan. Over the next two years he renewed his acquaintance with
Cornell, with parts in a touring production of "The Barretts of Wimpole
Street" and on Broadway in "Antony and Cleopatra."

Eva Wolas wrote what was then described as a "sex comedy" in 1948,
called "To Tell the Truth," and Mr. Randall got a part in it. He was
noticed by Brooks Atkinson of The Times, who wrote that Mr. Randall
moved about the stage "with the grace of a dancer." That led to his
appearance in 1950 in "Caesar and Cleopatra," which starred Lilli
Palmer and Sir Cedric Hardwicke.

Two years later he won a role on television that in a sense would
presage his Felix Unger portrayal in that people began to feel that Mr.
Randall and this character — a schoolteacher named Harvey Weskit — were
really the same. The show was called "Mr. Peepers." Produced by Fred
Coe for NBC, it starred Wally Cox as Peepers, a sweet, shy, somewhat
befuddled teacher. As Weskit, Mr. Randall was cast as Peepers's
posturing, swaggering sidekick. It earned Mr. Randall an Emmy
nomination. The role made both Mr. Cox and Mr. Randall stars.

By the late 1950's Mr. Randall was swamped with work, appearing in some
of Max Liebman's television spectaculars and briefly substituting for
Steve Allen on the Tonight Show and for Arthur Godfrey, who then had a
popular daytime show. There were also a great many television plays.

Throughout all of this he maintained his connection to the legitimate
theater. In 1954 he played the part of a boozing movie star in "Oh,
Men! Oh, Women!" and he also got the role of E. K. Hornbeck, the
iconoclastic reporter in "Inherit the Wind," a dramatization of the
1925 Scopes "monkey trial" about the teaching of evolution in
Tennessee. Walter Kerr, writing in The New York Herald Tribune, said

Mr. Randall played the role well, "uttering juicy sarcasms with great

He started to make Hollywood pictures, too. He appeared in the film
version of "Oh, Men! Oh, Women!" and he was an advertising man in "Will
Success Spoil Rock Hunter?" That same year, 1957, 20th Century Fox
asked him to appear as an alcoholic car salesman in Jerry Wald's "No
Down Payment," a melodrama about young marrieds.

In the early 1960's he appeared prominently in three Doris Day-Rock
Hudson movies, "Lover Come Back," "Pillow Talk" and "Send Me No
Flowers." He was cast as the foil to Mr. Hudson's romantic lead. He had
roles of a similar vein in movies like "Let's Make Love" (with Marilyn
Monroe), and "Boys Night Out" (with Kim Novak). Among his other
television credits are "The Tony Randall Show" (1977-78), in which he
played a judge and "Love, Sidney" (1981-83), in which he played a
middle-aged man who took in an unwed mother and offered to help raise

her child.

The Sidney character is often said to be the first homosexual lead
character on television. The character was portrayed as gay in a
television-movie version that preceded the series; the issue of
homosexuality was played down in the television series.

As he gained fame as an actor, Mr. Randall became active in a number of
causes, including a futile effort to save the old Metropolitan Opera
building. After the new opera house was finally built, Mr. Randall

became a frequent visitor, showing up at the stage door for rehearsals
and happily sitting through them when he wasn't working himself.

He had a fine baritone voice but disparaged it, explaining, "I have a
nice, healthy tone, but it's not terribly musical. Musicality is
something that can't be taught." Mr. Randall, who studied voice for 32
years, added, "If beautiful voices are golden, mine is aluminum."

During this same period he became national chairman of the Myasthenia
Gravis Foundation, a post he occupied for some 30 years. Myasthenia
gravis is an incurable neuromuscular disease. Mr. Randall disliked

maudlin pronouncements, and so when he was asked why he became involved
with the foundation, he replied, "My agent told me I needed a disease."

Mr. Randall married Florence Gibbs in 1939. She died of cancer in 1992.
They had no children. He married Heather Hanlan, a former intern with
the National Actors Theatre, in 1995 when he was 75 and she was 24.
They had two children — Julia Laurette Randall, born in April 1997,
named after Mr. Randall's mother and Laurette Taylor, a Broadway
actress who died in 1946; and Jefferson Salvini Randall, born in June
1998, who was named after Tommaso Salvini, an Italian Shakespearean
actor in the 19th century.

Although unfailingly good humored about his television fame, Mr.
Randall remained dismayed that most of the television-watching public
did not often, if ever, go to stage productions, and many did not

recall "M. Butterfly" and the role he had enjoyed so much.

But they certainly remembered Felix. Even 20 years after "The Odd
Couple" went off the air, Mr. Randall was often stopped on the streets
of New York (he loved to walk and when he did not, he almost always

took public transportation) by people who never forgot Felix and were
convinced that Unger and Randall were one and the same.

"It was fun for the first 15 years," Mr. Randall said.

Maria Newman contributed reporting for this article.

It makes me happy to know I met Tony Randall in the final time he and Jack did "The Odd Couple" the play, in New Haven back in October of 2001. I met Tony and his lovely wife in the post performance party I sneaked into. I thanked him for all the wonderful joy he brought me and my father throughout the years. The one thing we agreed on and did together, he hated Felix, I loved Felix. Mr. Randall seemed happy about that and shook my hand so hard he almost broke it. A great man, a great loss. (NT) -- Pushover Paige, 22:13:41 05/18/04 Tue

you mean he wasn't middleweight boxing champion at harvard? (NT) --scott, 22:22:51 05/18/04 Tue


Not sure if Letterman said anything, but Bill O'Reilly had a nice little tribute.
Played an interview he did with Tony back in 2000. (NT)
-- pb, 22:55:34 05/18/04 Tue

  • And just as I post this, Letterman said that all the lights on Broadway are dimmed
    tonight for Tony. But that's all he said. Dave could be a prick. (NT)
    -- pb, 22:57:31 05/18/04 Tue
    • I just saw David Letterman's show, and he had a lot to say about TR...even showed
      a montage of his appearances on the show. (NT)
      -- Brian, 23:00:15 05/18/04 Tue
      • Damn, I missed it then. I guess it was at the very beginning. Was it after he sat down at
        the desk? When I flipped back he was talking to Rupert about a $1000 tostada or something. (NT)
        -- pb,23:08:15 05/18/04 Tue
        • after he sat down at the desk -- Steve B, 23:18:20 05/18/04 Tue
        • He showed a George W. Bush Joke That's Not a Joke, then spoke about Tony. He said he was a professional they could always count on when they needed a laugh, and he was sad about that. Then they showed some clips to Bob Dylan's Forever Young. After the commercial he mentioned the lights being dimmed. Then he put catsup on the $1,000 omelette thing.

        • Holy crap, I saw the Bush clip, then flipped to the O'Reilly interview, then flipped
          back and saw the omelette thing. Talk about bad timing. (NT)
          -- pb, 23:20:26 05/18/04 Tue
        • Dave was great. I knew he would be. That's why I told everyone to be sure to
          watch. I knew it had to be between the monologue and the first guest so I stuck with it through the omelet. He spent 2 or 3 minutes talking
          about Tony and how whenever they needed a sure thing they could count on him. (NT)
          -- Messy Jesse,23:19:02 05/18/04 Tue
          • Not to nit pic, as Daves words were right on, I would've prefered to hear
            some of Tony's better quips rather than the tune. (NT)
            -- Pop Belkin, 02:09:08 05/19/04 Wed
            • a lot of clips were from nbc. maybe there was some sort of conflict that he couldn't
              play the sound. the montage was about 50 seconds long (NT)
              -- scott, 03:43:00 05/19/04 Wed

I ACTUALLY WEPT -- Tony, 23:07:38 05/18/04 Tue

I know its been like forever since I posted here last, and I know its almost takey to post NOW considering the events, but I hope you will all forgive me but I HAD to post considering. I got the news from a friend of mine who sent me an email. I was at work when I read that Tony passed away. Immediately I had mixed feelings. I was sad, angry, in disbelieve. A welter of emotion. Then after a while, when it started to sink in, I started to play a couple of my fav. randall moments from the show. I was driving home and stopped at a light and still playing the "randall retrospective" in my head. I actually started to tear up. But what suddenly hit me was it wasnt tears of sadness but JOY at what randall had done and how much I loved the show. HE will CERTAINLY be missed. Hope that made SOME sense.

  • Re: I ACTUALLY WEPT -- Fran, 23:42:42 05/18/04 Tue
  • To Heather, I'm so sorry you lost Tony, He was such a man that him and Jack together were the best. You must have made him so very happy by giving him his two children. I have seen him talk of them and know he truely found what love really is. Don't you ever let anyone try to make you feel any thing but good for being the one he was with when he died, you gave him his children, who he didn't even know would be the light of his life. What little I saw of the two of you, he seemed so very happy. My best to you and I wish I could help you through this time. God bless you and the children.

  • I was royally bummed and played the episodes on my tv all day in the background, and I actually got choked up and tears welled in my eyes when one of the tv themes played. I wept also. (NT) -- Vinnie,23:54:06 05/18/04 Tue

When I first heard, ... -- Doug, 00:04:35 05/19/04 Wed

I wanted to rush home come here to be with the friends I have on this board. I have noticed that some old visitors have returned and many new ones have appeared. I've spent an hour reading the board, and I share the sentiment (sounds kind of cold, but you all captured so much of the emotion so well). I guess I just wanted to comment on how much effect one man's life can have, and probably many ways he'll never know. Look at the community we have going here, and this just to celebrate a small portion of the work he did.

Some photos ..... -- pb, 00:12:22 05/19/04 Wed

Most of the photos posted on the newswires we've seen already, here's 3

you might not have...

[picture unavailable]

I didn't know Giuliani performed his marriage ceremony.

Tony with his daughter.

[picture unavailable]

Tony with his son.

Here it is 1 am. I've been here reading all the wonderful words you've all said in tribute to Tony Randall. When I heard the news this afternoon, I knew that this was one of those times when I'll remember what I was doing at that moment. RIP, Tony. -- John, 00:23:20 05/19/04 Wed


  • Remembering greatness -- Mark, 00:32:44 05/19/04 Wed
  • After hearing the news, I got a little sad. Then, I started to think about some of the classic Odd Couple episodes. At that point, I started to laugh, and laugh hard. Tonight, while watching Larry King, I loved what Jack Klugman said. Larry was complaining that the sound on some of the clips was too loud. Jack said to run the clips and forget the interviews. The Odd Couple is one of my favorite shows of all time. Some 30 years later, it's still as funny as ever. Mr. Randall, thank you for entertaining me. I do appreciate it. Mark

Link to NY Post stories about Tony Randall inside... -- Messy Jesse, 16:37:22 05/19/04 Wed

News story Adam Buckman's column

  • A&E is rerunning its Tony Randall Biography tonight at 8pm (NT) -- Jaclyn, 16:43:40 05/19/04 Wed
  • That was the first thing i watched this morning when I got up. (On Video). If anyone hasn't seen it - set your VCR's -it's a keeper! (NT) -- Walter Franklin, 16:57:56 05/19/04 Wed
  • I got the tape also. Got it off eBay for like $2 or $3. Never watched it though. (NT) -- pb, 17:15:32 05/19/04 Wed
  • Re: What a a great show by A&E. (NT) -- Owen, 20:04:43 05/19/04 Wed
  • I particularly liked the part with Tony singing Happy and Peppy with Conan. (NT) -- pb, 20:19:55 05/19/04 Wed
  • I noticed they showed him on with Johnny & Conan but not Letterman because A & E is owned by NBC. They're such lowlifes. (NT) -- Messy Jesse, 20:57:24 05/19/04 Wed

ET -- Myrna, 19:03:58 05/19/04 Wed

Entertainment Tonight just had a segment on Tony - showing the lights dimming on Broadway; breaking the news to Tom Hanks and his wife; showing clips from alot of the shows last night, but most importantly, they stated that the funeral for friends and family will be this week and a public memorial will be at a later date. If anyone hears anything about this service, please let us know - thanks!

  • Re: I couldn't believe it. 2 friends I hadn't heard from in 5 years called me today. They said as soon as they heard Tony Randall died they thought of me. I guess if I have to be known for SOMEthing, it may as well be the Odd Couple. HONK! (NT) -- Owen, 20:09:13 05/19/04 Wed

TONY ON LETTERMAN -- Walter Franklin, 20:06:06 05/19/04 Wed

Just watched the tribute to Tony on David Letterman. (A day after you guys, but I am a Brit remember! I may be in a minority of one here, but does anybody have the impression, that throughout his many appearances Letterman and his audience were laughing AT rather than with - Tony Randall? The dressing in silly costumes...being covered in mud for nights on the trot for example... Obviously Tony was happy to participate, and, as a viewer, it was a delight to see him on TV etc. However, in retrospect, these "goofy" appearances seemed to trivilise the important work that Tony was still doing at the time. Just a personal opinion, but I find Jay Leno funnier anyway!

  • Re: TONY ON LETTERMAN -- pb, 20:18:04 05/19/04 Wed
  • Yeah, I didn't like some of those appearances. Tony seemed to be a good spot and would be there to get the laugh. I remember a few times thinking Dave coulda been nicer.

CBS put up a great tribute page.... -- pb, 00:55:17 05/20/04 Thu

Check it out if you get a chance. Garry Marshall was on the Early Show this morning talking about Tony. You can watch the whole interview at the website. Apparently the only big fight they had during the 5 years of the show happened over The Subway episode. There's also 3 or 4 other video tributes to Tony on the site. Some articles and a photo album....

Nice article from New Zealand... -- pb, 02:01:12 05/20/04 Thu

Felix and Oscar

Emmy winning actor dies

May 20, 2004 

Keith Quinn

An old friend died the other day. He was a friend on mine. We knew each
other through another mutual friend.

Actually I knew them because these two blokes lived together. I used to
visit them at their place once a week. I got to know them real well.

It was a long time ago but now that I look back the two blokes
influenced me to the point where, today, as part of the grieving
process I'd like to tell you how much I loved them both. And how one of

them in particular influenced my life hugely.

They were middle-aged. They weren't gay or anything. (Well, there was a
bit of a hint one might have been, but I, and all their other friends,
we never cared or asked.) We just loved the two blokes for being what
they were. They were so different from each other that we called them"The Odd Couple."

Their names were Oscar Madison or Felix Unger. The one who died the
other day was Felix Unger. Felix was a fastidious little photographer.
He always, but always, dressed nattily, was forever tidying the flat

the two middle-aged characters shared. And, get this, Felix used to
wear an apron when he cooked for his mate, Oscar.

Oscar was different. He was, well, basically a slob. He dressed like a
jumble sale. These kids today think they were the first to start the
trend of wearing baseball caps around the wrong way. Actually Oscar

started that, well at least I reckon he did, and we're talking 30 years
ago all this happened.

Oscar was also incredibly untidy about the house. His stuff was always
strewn about. And if he ever bothered to go into the kitchen it was
either to look for leftovers or to hook another cold one out of the

fridge. Then he would retire to his favourite place. Which was of
course, the couch. From there he could survey the world, and spend most
of his waking hours flicking through all of the sports events which

were on the various TV channels.

Forgive me folks; but I talk about Felix and Oscar as if I really knew
them. In many ways I did. The reality is they existed only as part of a
very popular American TV series of the 1970s. It is a series I remember

very fondly. So when I read the other day where actor Tony Randall died
(he played the part of Felix) I felt the wrench of losing a dear friend
from the good old days.

Apparently Oscar is still alive (Jack Klugman was his off-screen real
name). They say he has lost his voice but is still going strong in
Hollywood. I'd love to see him around. Tony Randall was 84 when he

died; Klugman always looked older. So I guess today is one of those
days when one thinks of one's own mortality.

I know I'm feeling sad about Felix Unger's passing but in the
comparison we, of the 1970s, used to make of these two guys, it was
always Oscar I aligned with. Gee if I'm feeling this bad about Felix
dying how am I going to feel when Oscar goes?

You see Oscar, the untidy one, was a sportswriter. Each week the TV
series seemed to be about his eternal struggle to find an angle from
all of the events he watched on TV and make one of them into a sports


And I suppose seeing as I'm bashing the keyboards here in a supposed
sports column, I might class myself as being some sort of sportswriter
too. After all for the last 39 years every fortnight someone has paid

me to talk or write about sport and the people in it.

The tragedy is when I look around my study here, I realise that Oscar
Trevor Madison (yep, Trev was his middle name) set the tone for me
being the way I live. Oscar's study was like a bombsite. You should see
mine! Oscar spent a lot of time on the couch watching sports. That's me
too. Oscar usually did his viewing wearing faded tracksuit bottoms and
an old training top. Hey, that's what I wear! And my wife thinks I have
too fat a face but I love the black baseball cap I wear to keep the sun
from shining though the windows and affecting my viewing. To a tee, I
am the same as Oscar!

Dammit he shaped me to be the way I am.

And as for going into the kitchen, well, I did that once and was
quickly shooed away thank goodness. While it is true I can make an
excellent cup of tea I am not like the finicky among you who prefer
flat white, latte or cappuccino, I'm just like Oscar. When he called
out in a raspy voice to Felix for a coffee he preferred the instant
variety. I have to say I am the same. Give me Nescafe or Gregg's Red

Ribbon Roast any day.

Oscar was allowed more spillage around the sofa than I'm permitted
here. Felix hated spilt coffee and used to berate Oscar regularly. I
won't give any personal marital secrets away but spillage around the

couch at my place has been known to have a caused an ever-so slightly
raised voice to be directed at me by the other one who lives here.

So today I do feel sad about the passing of time. In his prime no doubt
Felix was a top photographer. Somehow I don't remember much about that
as I savoured the weekly visit to their apartment only to check up on
Oscar. It was Oscar who I loved to look at and note how he lived. Back
in the '70s I was striving to get a start as a fulltime sports
reporter. Oscar showed me the way. And today I am still just like him!

So thanks Oscar Madison old mate wherever you are; and here's a raised
instant coffee to you (trying not to spill it of course, from the prone
position). And also one raised to dear Felix Unger, our late mutual

friend. He, and a certain lady I have lived with these last years, both
tried to change us. But I think they sense they have both failed.
Nevertheless I guess we should thank them both for at least trying.

Tony's funeral will be on Friday. Rudy Giuliani will be one of the speakers. No other info yet. (NT) -- pb, 02:20:39 05/20/04 Thu

One of my fave T.R. movies (which hasn't been on TV for ages) is "Hello Down There." I'm just curious if anyone else has seen it, and what they thought of
it. (NT)
-- Melnitz, 09:48:10 05/20/04 Thu

  • Isn't that the one where Tony and his family go live underwater? I saw it many years
    ago,the only thing I remember is Merv Griffin showing up for no reason at all.Got terrible reviews,but it was just a fun family pic. (NT)
    -- Fondue Your Face, 10:24:34 05/20/04 Thu
    • Yeah, that's it. Randall's kids have a rock band (featuring a teenaged Richard Dreyfus "sank" without a trace. (NT) -- Melnitz, 10:55:14

      05/20/04 Thu
    • Yeah, that's it. Randall's kids have a rock band (featuring a teenaged Richard Dreyfus"sank" without a trace. (NT) -- Melnitz, 10:55:24

      05/20/04 Thu
  • Hello Down There! -- Myrna, 10:58:19 05/20/04 Thu
  • Yes, I have it taped (though not the best copy)! One that I'd really like to get ahold of is "Fluffy!" Was thinking about that movie this morning!

  • I have a really bad tape of a transfer from 16mm. Be nice if one of the movie channels
    would play that. "Fluffy" I've never heard of. (NT)
    -- Melnitz, 11:08:15 05/20/04 Thu
  • Fluffy had TR living in a hotel with a lion - think the exact title was "My Friend Fluffy!" (NT) -- Myrna, 12:48:23 05/20/04 Thu
    • Fluffy - see message for a review! -- Myrna, 13:02:40 05/20/04 Thu
    • To many fans, Tony Randall will only and always be Felix Unger, but in
      this movie he plays Professor Daniel Potter who much to the concern of
      everyone around him does experiments with his pet lion, Fluffy. Filled
      with many of those recognizable faces from the Seventies, such as
      Edward Andrews, Howard Morris, Jim Backus and Dick Sargent, the movie's
      most enduring star is the lion who upon sight of him sends many a
      person irrationally running for their lives. Randall is a hoot as he
      stands by the lion indifferent to the events and saying, "He's harmless
      I tell you. Harmless." Shirley Jones is on hand as Randall's lady love
      unsure of his feelings as she races by his side as Fluffy runs loose
      and unattended in a hotel freaking out everyone who sees him. "He's
      harmless. Wouldn't harm a fly !" insists Randall. There is a
      nonsensical and silly aspect to this movie, but it's charming aspect
      comes from Fluffy's innocent to the hysteria he unknowingly causes and
      the confusion that Randall knows he's creating. You have to see it for
      the man who rides the lion's back.

  • I was just thinking about this movie. I was going to ask if anyone else
    remembered the movie. This is where I first learned about kelp! (NT)
    -- Mervin the Finger, 11:46:10 05/20/04 Thu

Great comic strip tribute... -- pb, 20:27:22 05/20/04 Thu

  • Great! Nice shade tree, but where's the babbling brook? (NT) -- BR, 20:32:41 05/20/04 Thu
  • Yes, it is. I had an aunt who wanted the words on the stone: I told you I was sick. (NT) -- reetsie, 21:30:33 05/20/04 Thu
  • Oh my gosh...very appropriate. The artist is obviously an OC fan. (NT) -- Brian, 22:26:05 05/20/04 Thu
  • Why is the rabbi dressed so funny? (NT) -- Messy Jesse, 22:31:39 05/20/04 Thu
  • What?.. no tombstone for Spot? (NT) -- Pop Belkin, 01:27:18 05/21/04 Fri

After I thought about it ....-- DC, 22:21:55 05/20/04 Thu

A funny thing about Tony if I may. If someone had asked me who was the funniest actor I have ever seen on TV, I don't think I would have said Tony Randall. But if they asked me who was the funniest character I ever seen on TV, my answer would have been Felix Unger. Tony was always Felix to me. Even seeing him on interviews, he was Felix. With that being said I have just realized something, Tony Randall was the funniest actor I have ever seen on TV.

From Entertainment Weekly: 5 reasons why we'll remember Tony Randall. -- pb, 00:39:26 05/21/04 Fri

Here are five reasons why we'll remember Tony
Randall. There was a lot more to the actor than fussbudget Felix Unger

by Gary Susman

The Sidekick 

Years before ''The Odd Couple,'' Randall made his name as a prissy pal
to the leading man in several movies, notably, the three Rock
Hudson-Doris Day romantic comedies -- ''Pillow Talk'' (1959), ''Lover

Come Back'' (1961), and ''Send Me No Flowers'' (1964) -- that seem
campy now but pushed the boundaries of sexual farce at the time.
Sophisticated viewers might have read Randall's characters as gay; even

more sophisticated ones might have read them as foils whose job was to
make the closeted Hudson seem more butch by contrast. In any case, his
comic support was indispensable to those movies, as well as to the
persona of fastidious sidekick extraordinaire David Hyde Pierce, whose
career is unthinkable without Randall's example. Pierce seemed to
recognize as much with his performance in the Randall role in 2003's
''Down With Love,'' a parodic homage to the Hudson-Day movies, which
also featured a winking cameo by Randall himself.

The Chameleon 

Think Randall lacked range? Check out his multiple transformations in
''The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao'' (1964), aided by fantasy filmmaker George
Pal (''The War of the Worlds'') and makeup artist William Tuttle, who

won an honorary Oscar for his work. In a feat worthy of Peter Sellers,
Alec Guinness, or Eddie Murphy, Randall plays eight roles in the movie,
a one-of-a-kind fable about a Chinese circus ringmaster (Randall) who
transforms the lives of kids and adults in a dreary Old West town.
While not a hit at the time, ''Dr. Lao'' has become a cult favorite and
still has the power to enchant kids and grownups 40 years later.

The Comic Icon 

''On November 13, Felix Unger was asked to remove himself from his
place of residence. That request came from his wife.'' You're already
hearing Neal Hefti's jaunty theme music in your head and imagining

apron-clad neat-freak Randall squabbling with Jack Klugman as slobby
Oscar Madison. The roles in Neil Simon's ''The Odd Couple'' had been
played before by Art Carney and Walter Matthau on Broadway and by Jack
Lemmon and Matthau on film, but after the 1970-1975 run of the ABC
sitcom, Felix and Randall were inseparable in viewer's memories. When
he finally earned an Emmy, shortly after the show's cancellation, he
said: ''I'm so happy I won. Now if I only had a job.'' Actually, he
worked seemingly without pause for the rest of his life, but he was
still indelibly Felix to fans.

The Raconteur 

Randall may have been the best late-night talk show guest ever. He
certainly was a favorite of Johnny Carson and David Letterman, and he
claimed a record number of appearances on both men's shows (more than
70 on Letterman's ''Late Show'' on CBS, plus more on his previous NBC
show). When he appeared on the inaugural episode of ''Late Night with
Conan O'Brien'' a decade ago, it was as if the talk show gods were
giving their blessing to the fledgling host. (He even had a cameo as
himself, as a talk show guest, in Martin Scorsese's ''King of
Comedy.'') Hosts loved him for his skills as a conversationalist (he
could talk about his highbrow fondnesses for opera and theater and
still be funny), his willingness to do anything (in 1994, he appeared
on ''Late Show'' as a mud-drenched correspondent from the Woodstock '94

rock festival), and his convenience. ''I live five minutes away, so
they know they can get me,'' he told an Ohio newspaper in 1996,
referring to Letterman and O'Brien. ''They need someone they call. I
can't say no because they send a car. It works out fine. It's never

The Inspiration 

Randall never slowed down; he kept acting right up until his heart
operation last December that led to his final hospitalization and his
death at age 84. When he was 71, he used his own money to found the

National Actors Theatre, a Broadway company dedicated to performing
classic plays. It was there that he met his second wife, Heather
Harlan, an actress 50 years his junior. (His first wife, Florence, died

in 1992 after 54 years of marriage.) They wed in 1995, and she bore him
the first of his two children two years later, when he was 77. As he
approached 80, the New York Times reports, he took up rollerblading.
Some may have looked askance at the May-December pairing, but it surely
gave others comfort. Somewhere out there is an ideal roommate for
everyone, even for aging Felix Unger types.

  • One thing I noticed watching all the news stories and tributes is that with the exception of the opening where Felix picks up Oscar’s cigar with the umbrella you don’t see the same one or two clips from The Odd Couple over and over again as you ordinarily would. It was such a great show that there are such a variety of scenes you can put on to demonstrate how great they were. It’s obvious that a lot of the producers grew up watching the show and had their own favorites. (NT) -- Messy Jessy, 01:04:44 05/21/04 Fri

Some photos from yesterdays funeral services..... -- pb, 05:27:58 05/22/04 Sat

Actor Jack Klugman (news), second from left, and his girlfriend, Peggy Crosby, leave the Riverside Memorial Chapel in New York after attending a funeral service for actor Tony Randall (news) on Friday, May 21, 2004. Klugman co-starred with Randall in the 1970s television sitcom 'Odd Couple.' Behind Klugman is actor Judd Hirsch and to the right is former New York Mayor David Dinkins.

[photos unavailable]

  • Thanks pb. Is that Steve Buscemi I see too? Anyway, will you be putting these up on your website? (NT) -- Jaclyn, 06:48:07 05/22/04 Sat
  • Yep, thats Buscemi. I got the photos off one of the news services. I'm not gonna use them. You can put them up on the website if you like. (NT) -- pb, 07:02:42 05/22/04 Sat
  • I've always been a Buscemi fan, but the fact that he was at the funeral makes me like him even more...WTG Steve (NT) -- Stix Madison, 10:20:35 05/22/04 Sat
  • Buscemi spoke at a John Kerry fundraiser I attended about a month ago. (NT) -- LuLuBoomBoomChiChiDumDum, 11:10:00 05/22/04 Sat
  • I agree with Stix. I'm a HUGE Buscemi fan, and even more so now. (NT) -- 52, 12:28:09 05/22/04 Sat
  • In the Monsters Inc movies Buscemi made the voice of Randall Boggs. (NT) -- Steve Ba, 12:44:28 05/22/04 Sat
  • Ok, so I'm a bit less of a Buscemi fan after reading LuLu's post.... (NT) -- 52, 16:36:41 05/22/04 Sat

Requiem for Felix, from todays NY Post.... -- pb, 14:38:46 05/22/04 Sat




Tony Randall

Email Archives

Print Reprint

May 22, 2004 -- Legends of stage, screen and the political arena filled
Riverside Memorial Chapel to say goodbye to venerable actor Tony
Randall, who died Monday after a long illness at age 84.

Mourners at the private, invitation-only service included his "Odd
Couple" co-star Jack Klugman, who served as a eulogist along with
former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and actor Eli Wallach. Other notables in

attendance included former Mayor David Dinkins, former Gov. Mario
Cuomo, Walter Cronkite, Cliff Robertson, Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara,
Judd Hirsch, Joanne Woodward, and "Sopranos" star Steve Buscemi.

"Tony was a great New Yorker because he understood the tremendous value
and the importance of the New York City theater and what it meant to
the life of the city," Giuliani told The Post.

"I had the privilege of presiding over his marriage to Heather. It was
one of the high points to see what a wonderful relationship they had."

For a while, the fastidious actor best-known for his role as
sinus-crazed Felix Unger seemingly thumbed his "honking" nose at Father
Time, when he married his second wife, 24-year-old theater understudy

Heather Harlan, a half-century his junior, in 1995.

She then bore two of his children, Julia, now 7, and Jefferson, 5.

Randall once lamented in an interview that he was sorry he would miss
their weddings when they came of age.

Jerry Stiller said Randall was very connected with other actors.

"He was an actor's friend," said Jerry Stiller. "He got my life back on
track when I needed a job. Tony said 'We want you to be in "Three Men
on a Horse" with [Klugman] and myself.' And I didn't even read for the

Stiller said he was then called by Larry David to join the Seinfeld
cast right away. "I said, 'No, I'm doing "Three Men on a Horse." ' So I
blew 'Seinfield,' " he said. "I eventually got the part as Frank

Costanza, but I couldn't leave a play that Tony launched. Working with
him was one of the highlights of my life."

Randall, most mourners agreed, was most like the Felix Unger character
he played for five years on television's "The Odd Couple."

In an example of art imitating life, actor Cliff Robertson, who was a
half-hour late after catching a bus from the Hamptons, said, "I could
almost hear that mellow baritone voice saying, 'Well Cliff, you're a

half-hour late. But what else could I expect from a Presbyterian?' " he
joked after the ceremony. "He would've forgiven me, however, for taking
the bus."

"He was a lovely, lovely man," added Robertson, who first met Randall
in the 1950s. "It ended the way he would've liked it. Everyone walked
out in reverence, but with a smile."

  • Re: Requiem for Felix, from todays NY Post.... -- UW, 16:36:31 05/22/04 Sat
  • Imagine getting on the Hampton Jitney and there's Cliff Robertson sitting there.

THANKS TONY FOR MAKING FELIX A FUN FOND MEMORY -- Vicki Boston, 16:51:39 05/22/04 Sat

I loved THE ODD COUPLE when I was a kid-still loved it.
I even was Oscar to a friend's Felix, in a H.S. Drama class

Tony Randall IS Felix. And will ALWAYS be Felix.

Thanks for your portrayal of one of Neil Simon's most beloved
character.We'll miss you.

Now clean those PEARLY GATES with disinfectant, before St.Peter gets

The following is a commercial announcement for TONY RANDALL -- Pushover Paige, 02:21:48 05/23/04 Sun

T - is for THE greatest comedic actor ever

O - is for the ODD Couple being greatest

N - stands for NEATNESS and..

Y - is for the YEARS it made me laugh

R - means REST and I hope he will in peace,



D - A-N-D may I say one more thing.



L - We ALL, (tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet,)

thank him exuberantly...

dah, dah, dah, dah... 

That's TONY RANDALL, he's Big Daddy... TO US ALLLLLLLLL!!!!!