New info about Felix's flying inconsistency

I'm on a roll this week. I've added some more info to the Felix Flying inconsistency contributed by Jesse Ross.

New Inconsistency - Oscar's Knowledge of Japan

Long time, no see! I've added another inconsistency that was contributed a while back by "Speed Jr." Check out Oscar's Knowledge of Japan.

Shows going from single to multi-camera

Sitcom writer Ken Levine posted a blog article yesterday commenting on shows that switched from single-camera to multi-camera. It's an interesting read on the difference between the two types of shows!

Theme song title

Reader Fredric writes:

I’ve searched everywhere, the FAQ included, and I can’t find the title of the theme song for The Odd Couple. Would you please tell me what it is. Thank you.

I don't believe the the theme song had an actual name. It was originally used in the 1968 movie, and in the soundtrack album shown here, it is listed on side 2 as "The Odd Couple (Main Title)."

Jack Klugman & Peggy Crosby

Reader Arjun asks:

About Jack Klugman , I know he dated Peggy Crosby for many years but did they live together before they married?

I didn't know the answer myself, so I did some digging. Jack was married to Brett Somers, and although they separated in 1974, they did not divorce, and remained married until her death in 2007. Jack married Peggy Crosby in 2008, but they were definitely in a relationship for many years prior. This Hollywood Reporter article and this Variety article say they lived together since 1988. Hope that helps!

New Show Airs Tonight

The new "Odd Couple" show starring Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon premiers tonight on CBS at 8:30pm Eastern time. So far the reviews aren't great, but I'm willing to give the show a chance for a couple of episodes. Nothing can top the original, but remember that even that was a remake of sorts, coming after the play and movie.

New "Odd Couple" show premiers February 19th

The new "Odd Couple" TV show, starring Matthew Perry as Oscar and Thomas Lennon as Felix, will air its first episode on CBS on February 19th. (Whether it's actually worth watching is debatable, but it might be interesting to check out the first episode.) The New York Daily News has an article about it. Thanks to the Odd Couple Facebook group for the link.

Updated Inconsistency

Reader Jesse contributed some info to the How They Met inconsistency. Oscar and Felix had met briefly as children, although they had forgotten it as adults. Thanks Jesse!

Blog article on different actors playing the same character

Sitcom writer Ken Levine wrote a blog post today comparing Randall and Klugman's performances to Lemmon and Matthau's. He closes with a survey, asking readers to comment on their favorite James Bond, Darren Stephens, Sherlock Holmes, etc.

Top Ten List Added

Addition to the Articles, Interviews & Podcasts Page. I added the text of a Top Ten List that Tony Randall presented on the Late Show after his second child was born.


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